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About Us

FJN Solutions is a specialist Insurance Recruitment provider to the Insurance market. The company was set up in January 2019 and was initially the holding company for the specialist recruitment business. As of 1st February 2022, FJN Solutions became the name and the brand of the business and gives us the platform to develop and drive our business
to the next level.

It was always the intention that our business would be built upon the right morals and ethics as we look to grow through partnerships in the insurance and healthcare markets. These beliefs have been enhanced further by the decisions we have made and the companies and individuals that we partner with.

To summarise, we listen, we consult, we act and we deliver.


If we do not listen to you, why would you work with us? We listen to what you say because we are nothing without you. The biggest danger in any recruitment process is the recruitment consultant thinking that they know what is best for the company or the candidate without listening to the brief. We may challenge you, we may ask you more questions than you really want to answer, but we will listen to everything you say as this gives us the best chance to help you achieve your goals.


We will always work in a consultative manner for our clients. It is essential that we challenge you on occasions to ensure that we get the best possible result for all parties. Whether you are one of the many companies who choose to work with us on a preferred supplier basis or a new client looking to engage with us for the first time, we will provide a full view of the options available to you in an ever changing insurance marketplace. If you are an individual seeking your next challenge you will be pleasantly surprised with our consultants’ knowledge of the insurance market.


There is no point consulting with you unless we act upon what we discuss! If we do not act, we do not deliver, and we therefore do not have a business. Our activity levels are second to none in a hugely competitive market, and this is something we pride ourselves on. Whilst it is not the catchiest of USPs, we do what we say we are going to do. We are passionate about representing all of our clients and business partners to the best of our abilities and we always endeavour to maintain our high standards in doing so. Our testimonials section will back up this claim!


This is the part of any recruitment process where we are always judged. If you recruit the right candidate or secure your next role via FJN, everyone is happy! If we are able to fulfil the previous three points detailed – Listen, Consult, Act – this final part has every chance of being a success. We have an exceptionally high delivery rate in all that we do and this is something we are very proud of. External factors outside of our control can always affect the outcome of a recruitment process but we do what we can to make things happen for you!