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Unlocking the potential of your business

What FJN Growth Solutions does

We are here to help you deliver your growth ambitions, through the development of a clear growth strategy, aligned to focused sales and marketing plans – oriented around two fundamental pillars:

Enabling Growth

We leverage proven sales, marketing and management processes and approaches.
We deliver you the focus, structure and discipline required to meet and exceed your growth ambitions.
Centred on your target customers, we optimise the articulation of your value proposition and work with you to realise distribution excellence.
We have an affiliate network of growth enablers spanning talent identification, media, design, training and development

Enabling people

Having a great product or brand is not enough.
Motivating and inspiring your current and future talent is critical in embedding a culture of success within your business.
Aligning the right people in the right roles with the right focus – supported by structured and realistic growth targets and objectives.

Succeeding in stages


Evaluating what capability exists currently and identifying the strengths and weaknesses. Working with you to put together a clear strategy and plan of engagement to optimise the good and introduce industry best practices.


Identifying the activities and processes that are not currently being leveraged, we develop these collaboratively with your teams to improve and evolve their capabilities – in line with your chosen growth objectives and timelines.

The End Game

To have a well articulated value proposition which drives strong awareness across both your distribution channels and target audience.
Your teams will have confidence in meeting and exceeding targets and having a sales and marketing
capability that is efficient, focused and best in class.

Our approach

We work within a framework that is intrinsic to creating and sustaining growth

Know your audience

Delivering clarity on who your target customer is, validating the potential of this marketplace relative to your growth ambitions and understanding how to position your solution to their needs.

Optimising your value proposition

Ensuring your value proposition is positioned effectively to your target audience, tailored to your distribution channels and positioned positively vs your competition. Critically, ensuring this is then consistently applied across your sales and marketing delivery and collateral.

Effective sales planning

Building and ratifying that your sales targets are realistic against market potential and against your financial plans and phasings. Focused on delivering profitable growth.

Ensuring your sales effort delivers

Understanding your current teams approach, processes and areas of focus and validating whether these are aligned to the delivery of your growth ambitions – implementing the required steps/developments to take to ensure plan delivery.

Aligning marketing effort

Making sure your marketing machine is also focused on the same goals and objectives, optimising the positioning of your value proposition – building awareness in your target distribution channels and audiences.

Delivering a structure for growth

Working with your existing sales and marketing capability to ensure the right people are focused on the right activities and objectives within the right sales organisation and roles.

Motivating People and finding talent

Validating that your existing talent is optimised and engaged, building this people leadership capability to retain people long term and co-ordinate the search to find and attract the best talent.

Career framework

Building consistent role profiles that support career development from top to bottom within your sales and marketing organisation and aligning this with quality and relevant training and development.

Nic Brown

Nic has over 25 years sales and marketing experience in insurance and banking, having worked across multiple products and distribution channels – directing high performing teams in the UK, Europe and global environments.

Having spent considerable time driving growth for some of the largest global insurers and banks – Nic is looking to take his experience and support a range of businesses wanting to grow and/or guarantee their revenue and profitability ambitions.

“I’m looking to make a difference at the coal face again – helping businesses realise their potential through strong strategic thinking and planning – but most of all working with the teams on the ground and helping them realise their own ambitions by delivering their employers target growth.”

Our support team

We are partnered with one of the leading recruitment solutions experts in the UK insurance industry. This is essential when transforming your talent profile and having consistency and alignment between plans and recruitment activity.

We work exclusively with this digital agency to support any and all website development or digital /campaign creation that may form part of our sales and marketing engagements.

Simon Cooper is a former entrepreneur and FTSE 100 Marketing Director, who now runs a successful people business – Positive Momentum. Simon will support any of our engagements requiring creative approaches to training and development.

The Marketing Campaign Company, led by James Simpson, are a public relations, content and digital promotions agency who have been instrumental in supporting Nic in a number of his past roles and organisations. Committing to drive awareness is critical and often overlooked, TMCC always deliver in this space.


“Nic worked with us to help define a global partnership model and sales strategy to accelerate our growth.  His experience, coupled with the ability to learn our business quickly, structure an approach we can all get behind and deliver has been a breath of fresh air and is already reaping rewards in our revenue ambitions ”

Andy Walker
Managing Director ditno

“We have engaged Nic to support our existing Sales Director and team to improve their structure and approach to sales planning and management. We now have realistic targets, fully owned and engaged with the team and a disciplined governance approach which enables us to report effectively and focus on critical outcomes.”

Martin Lulham

“We built a compelling sales and marketing business case using Nic to help us focus our efforts in evaluating whether we should invest in developing a commercial brokerage. This is now well underway and the thinking was critical to us putting our first foot forward.”

Chris McGowan
Topsail Ltd

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Tel : (+44) 7464 540388