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Positive vibes…

The leaves maybe falling, but our activity levels aren’t. 2019 has been the year of restructures and ‘Brexit proofing’ – what fun we have all had!

We wanted to share a little uplifting, and much more positive, story with you about how a business can seize the opportunity in these challenging times to recruit effectively when others may be ‘waiting for the right moment’ and missing out on quality candidates. We were recently asked to work on a brief with a client to recruit an individual to join their team in a technical capacity. The initial discussion was based around recruiting someone to join on a fixed term contract basis but after further conversations, and an extensive review of the market, our client decided that a permanent hire would work best for them as they grow their market presence.

The client concerned was so impressed at the quality of candidates provided by our team that, after shortlisting and interviewing three individuals, they decided that this was the ideal time to accelerate their growth plans and recruit all three people. This is a decision that not all businesses can make but, if you are in a position where you can make a move like this, why not?

We are now in a position of having three delighted individuals who are about to embark on the next part of their journey in the industry and a client that appreciates the levels of work and quality we have provided. A win / win situation. Things very rarely go without hitting a speed bump or two in insurance recruitment but when things do go to plan, it makes everyone feel like the picture in this post!!

(Child provided by Dan and Juliet Small, scenery provided by Petworth Park)