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There is seemingly a ‘day’ for everything these days.  That said, today is one that we particularly like here at Synchronicity Insurance as it is officially #WorldKindnessDay

We have all been in awkward situations where we have been made to feel left out, not included and not part of the ‘clique’.  Bullying is something that we ordinarily associate with children and a school playground setting.  The reality is that most workplaces are a little bit like a school playground and unfortunately the behaviours have the same affect on the people involved.  It is very easy to be kind to each other.  To listen to your colleagues, to show an interest in what they do and to basically just be nice.  Simple really.

So many actions can make us feel undervalued in the workplace.  You may have been continually over looked at salary reviews, been made promises that have not been delivered, been excluded from discussions that you feel you should have been involved in, not supported in times of personal crisis or you have been made to continually doubt yourself.  Our view is that no one should make you feel this way.  We are all trying to get by and do our very best for ourselves and our families.  Why don’t we all do our bit to be nice to one another at work today, and everyday going forwards?

A couple of years ago, we shared this poster by one of our children and think this captures our thoughts perfectly.  Be nice to each other people!