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CYBER Monday….

I’m not really one for the ‘hashtag days’ that are forced upon us these days. Cyber Monday was a bit of a mystery to me, but as yesterday unravelled, all became clear….

C – Car. My wife’s car was served her last rites and will be going to VW heaven in the not too distant future

Y – Youngest Small in A&E repairing a freak injury

B – Biggest of the Small children off school after being ill all night. This all before the day really started and at the point Cyber Monday was not looking too promising, but…..

E – Every cloud has a silver lining as we finished the day by

R – Recruiting a Marketing Campaign specialist for one of my longest standing friends in the industry! It has been one of those deals where everyone is absolutely delighted and the candidate we are working with gets to hit the festive period with a big smile on her face!!

Kids are now fixed, car replacement is hopefully being arranged and we have a very happy client and candidate. CYBER Monday eh? Not sure if today has a ‘hashtag’ but let’s see what Tuesday brings…