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What is ‘Business as Usual’ at the moment?

I have titled this update ‘What is Business as Usual’ following a conversation with a client yesterday. I posted an update on LinkedIn last week to confirm that Synchronicity Insurance is operating ‘as close to business as usual as possible’. This was a well intended post, but I did have a bit of negative feedback from a client around it being inappropriate and that I should not say things are ‘business as usual’ when the world is in a state of disarray.

I absolutely understand that things are not ‘usual’ for all of us at present and I was not making light of the horrible situation we find ourselves in.  Fact of the matter is that things are a long, long way from usual.  The intention of the post was to try and remain as calm as I can and reassure our clients and candidates that we will working as hard as we can for them in what is going to be a very testing time for all.  We are working harder than ever and trying to find solutions for problems that we did not know existed before now.  I think it is very fair to say that we are all learning as we go. 

As a small business, sleepless nights and constant worry, come as part and parcel of the job.  At Synchronicity Insurance we do not have a big corporate brand behind us, and we are not backed by a global Private Equity house.  We are, what we are : agile, nimble, thoughtful, consultative, creative and hard working.  All these attributes have served you well before and will continue to do so now.

The insurance industry has survived so many global catastrophes down the years and, whilst this likely the biggest one yet, I am hopeful that if we all stick together and help each other out, we will get through this one too.  Naomi, Stuart and myself are working remotely at present and contactable on email or 01403 613001.