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The Consent Collective

The Consent Collective is a local organisation, Brighton based, and they’ve been helping people understand the psychology of trauma, relationships, community-change and how to support people through adversity for many years. Now, as part of their response to COVID-19, they’re making content to support, not only their existing clients but also the wider public and especially their local Sussex community during this time. 

This resource page, Together Apart, is freely available and here they are going to apply their expertise to help us navigate our ways through challenging times. They’ll be sharing the lessons they’ve learned from their work in the sexual violence sector along the way and this expert knowledge about crisis, challenging relationship dynamics and a changed perspective are more relevant than ever. This resource also helps with the isolation piece that everyone is dealing with and includes important threads of thinking about what lies at the other side of this journey and what a changed future will look like and how we can prepare.