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Ryder Cup Golf Challenge

We are trying to give all of you budding Seve Ballesteros’ (showing my age but he is my all time favourite player), Rory McIlroys and Tiger Woods of the world a little challenge to ease the monotony of working from home. Also, the chance to win a prize!

My son Finlay came up with the idea and all you need is a pitching wedge, at least five yards of garden space, a bucket and a handful of golf balls (depending on how successful you are of course). We have named it the Ryder Cup golf challenge as it is Ryder Cup year (hopefully) but in reality it is just a bit of fun in the garden to keep your game in check, hopefully without causing any breakages!

Send us your clips via LinkedIn or directly to us and tag #SynchronicityInsurance so that we can see the results and award the prize!