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The world keeps spinning!

We treated ourselves (by this, I mean Dan treated us) to a slap-up meal at a local Michelin star restaurant on Friday to celebrate a very successful Q3. Believe it or not, a better Q3 than last year.

Not only was this a great chance to support a local business (Restaurant Tristan), but an opportunity to reflect on the last few months. After learning of the 2nd lockdown, unlike the 1st, we haven’t been overcome with the sense of uncertainty and dread around our business as we had previously, so why is this?

Whilst after the announcements of the 1st lockdown in March, the insurance market (like others) took a generally cautious and unsurprising approach by ceasing all recruitment, most businesses quickly came to learn that in fact roles still needed filling, interviews and meetings needed to take place and there were plenty of incredibly talented individuals on the market waiting to jump on these opportunities.

Through both our clients and candidates’ levels of flexibility to the new way of doing things, we can happily say that 95% of the placements we have made this last quarter have been finalised from start to finish via Zoom, Teams or Skype, and most starting with their new employers from home.

Whilst we, like everyone else, are looking forward to being able to meet our lovely clients and candidates again over a coffee or pint, we’re happy resting in the knowledge that the world will keep spinning, interviews will take place and Synchronicity Insurance will continue to source the best candidates for our clients, and the best roles for our candidates.

Here’s to an even better Q4…