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Chestnut Tree House – Christmas Special!

Morning all! I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to share this with our network of contacts as it is a really good cause and a great charity.

My very good mate Nick Dunn has come up with a great idea. Nick was my best man at my wedding and is my son’s godfather so fair to say I know him pretty well. To try and raise spirits and also some much needed funds for Chestnut Tree House, Nick will be doing the last couple of days of his Christmas deliveries dressed as the big man himself – Father Christmas!!! Thinking about it, maybe we should call him St Nick for this?

While it has been a dreadful year for many of us adults, think how bad it has been for the kids. Not being able to see their friends, play sports, go to school, go on holiday – the list goes on. This will raise spirits for the kids on Nick’s delivery round but will also raise funds for kids looked after by an amazing charity. No need to break the bank, but if you can contribute on the attached link, it would be gratefully received.

(I may even be helping Nick out if I can shut the office a day early. I will be watching Elf this weekend as part of my training!)