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The Synchronicity Insurance Cup 2021

As the excitement of getting out of this lockdown builds up, coupled with the anticipation of the upcoming Euros, we want to give our clients a little something to look forward too. This will also give you a little bit of an incentive to get fit and shift some of that lockdown timber!

We are going to hold the Synchronicity Insurance Cup at 2pm on June 25th at Horsham FC. This is exactly one week after the England v Scotland game in the Euros and one day before the round of 16, so hopefully the country will be gripped by football fever. Either that or we will be depressed at England getting knocked out and we will need a good laugh to cheer ourselves up!

There will be a Cup, spot prizes and, most importantly of all, an outdoor bar. We will provide kits, footballs etc – all you will need to bring is your boots, shin pads, a bottle or two of water and may be some oxygen.

Please note that any injuries inflicted by Stuart Perry are not to affect any current terms and conditions that we hold with your businesses.

Please can you let us know in the comments or email me directly at if you would like to be involved. The more the merrier – or should I say ‘the more, the more likely we will have roll on/roll off subs that will make the afternoon a lot easier’!

All levels or footballing ability and fitness are welcome!