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Time for a change…

So, the time has come and we really feel that a new lease of life is in order.  We are slowly tip toeing away from lockdown, we have all got one eye on getting out and about again and things are generally feeling that little bit better.

As a company we feel that with all the positive vibes that are currently flying around, now is the time to have a rebrand.  We are fiercely proud of the reputation and brand that we have built over the years, but we now feel that our name and brand is due a revamp.  Synchronicity, by definition means “circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack a causal connection“.  Roughly translated it has a ‘more luck than judgement’ feel to it.  Having thought long and hard about this, we do not think that this captures what we do and how we would like to be perceived going forwards.  It will also be lovely to not spend half of my life spelling out ‘synchronicity’ to all manner of people.  So, what do we call ourselves???  This is where you lot come in! 

Our clients and candidates are at the heart of everything that we do.  You are our bloodline and mean everything to us – we are nothing without you lovely lot.  Whilst we have a few ideas – some great, some terrible – we would love to have the input of our clients.  So, what do you think?  Message me at or comment on this link. 

Before anyone says it, I have ruled out ‘Smallworld Recruitment’….