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Mental Health Awareness week

Mental Health is at last an acceptable topic to discuss openly. We are now even encouraged to talk about our mental health as opposed to putting these feelings in a box and hiding them away.

We love the theme of Mental Health Awareness week this year as it is based around getting out and about to reconnect with mother nature. I often stroll around the fields near our office when on the mobile and it makes a big difference to my day and is a great way to clear your head. It’s all about finding what works for you.

The basics with this in regards to the workplace really are very easy in my eyes. Talk as you wish to be spoken to, treat others as you wish to be treated and be respectful of other people’s views and opinions. We are all fighting our own battles and if we are that little bit nicer to each other it makes our working day that little bit more enjoyable.

We are all in this together so look out for one another x