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And the award goes to…..

The day is upon us! The Health & Protection awards are here.

Seemed funny having to iron a shirt and have a shave all in one morning for the first time in 18 months today. If you seen a man with shaving cuts and a creased shirt slumped in the corner later, that’ll be me!

On a more serious note, congrats to all the nominees for the awards tonight. It is fair to say that Health is a topic that has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue for the last few months and some amazing work has been done by an industry full of great people. Everyone attending tonight has made a difference in one way or another and we tip our hats to all of you. We are really proud to be presenting the Best Diversity and Inclusion strategy award tonight.

Another point worth raising is the hard work that the team at Health & Protection have put in. They have had to contest with lots of additional hurdles that they would not usually have to contend with when organising an evening of this size and scale. They have all worked tirelessly to make this evening happen. Thanks to Ricardo MedinaStefka Baxter (she/her) BA(Hons)Owain ThomasColette Smith and the team. We all owe you a drink!

Hopefully see lots of you later today to toast a wonderful, if a little chaotic, year!