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In a very reflective mood this morning. As someone who lives for holidays and time away with my wife and kids, we are hopefully about to have our first trip away together for what seems like ages.

Sitting at home packing for the morning has left me reflecting on the last 20 months and how have we, Synchronicity Insurance, got on as a business done? What have we done right, what have we done wrong and what can we do better? Standard things that you should always ask yourself when running a business but even more so in current climate.

Things we haven’t done. It’s not a huge list but one worth thinking on. We have not filled every job that we have worked on and we have not placed every candidate we have worked with. We cannot profess to being the fastest growing recruitment company in the market. We have not set up new offices in different countries and we have not diversified into numerous different product lines.

So, what have we been doing all this time???

The first, and most pleasing, thing we have done is we have got ourselves through this situation in one piece. I will be the first to admit that there were a few very ‘squeaky’ moments in 2020 and we did not really know if we would survive. We have grown our client base in a considered and strategic manner which has meant that we have managed to help new clients grow whilst not neglecting our longstanding and existing client base. We never take on work that we cannot assist with and we continue to make the right decisions for both our clients and ourselves. To quantify this, 12 new clients have placed business with us and we have lost 1 client due to circumstances beyond our control. We are delighted with this statistic.

We have grown our brand awareness by organising, supporting and sponsoring various events and initiatives both in the industry and with local sports clubs.  We thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of our work during lockdown and look forward to developing these partnerships further next year.

Whilst the UK will always be our key focus, the last two years have seen us assist clients in the US, Qatar, Holland, France, Germany, UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore.  With the logistics around interview processes now being much more focussed on Teams, Zoom and Webex calls has really enabled us to assist people in numerous different locations.  One of the few positives to come out of covid times. 

We have some big plans and changes lined up for our business that we feel will make us even stronger, quicker and more effective at what we do. I love where we are currently, but if you stand still, you go backwards in this market. Early 2022 is looking like a very exciting time for us so watch this space.

So, in reflection, we have got through covid, furlough, recession, pandemics, petrol and loo roll shortages et al in reasonably good fettle.

Anyway, I best get back to packing now. Wish me luck!

*the picture in this post is by the very talented @luthroughalens – look her up on insta*