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Come and join us!

Well, this is not our usual post. This time is all about us! We are looking to expand our business ahead of some big plans that will be taking shape early next year and we are therefore looking to hire some amazingly talented people for our team in Horsham.

If you follow this page and site, you will already know what we do. We have been recruiting for the insurance market since 2004 and we are one of those strange sets of people who love what we do! Recruitment is not for everyone but if you love being busy, love being creative and, most importantly, love helping people, this could be the perfect move for you.

We are in a position where we are considering all options at present as we do not want to miss anyone who could be the perfect match for us. With this in mind, we have three profiles that could work for us :

If you are already working as a recruitment consultant within the insurance, health and/or employee benefits sector, you should be calling us today! We are based in Horsham but have flexible working arrangements in place for all members of staff. We work best when in the office together bouncing ideas off of each other but also have a completely flexible and remote working option available for each other. That said, anyone joining will need to be in the office for the first couple of weeks for training etc.

If you are currently working within the insurance sector but are seriously considering recruitment as your next step, we are the only people you should be calling! All three of our senior consultants all worked in the insurance sector prior to working in recruitment so we all know that this model works. You have the added bonus of knowing your market place which is invaluable to our clients and candidates. We would love to hear from you if you are driven by a sense achievement and working hard for your clients.

Finally, we know that there is a mass of talented college and university leavers out there who are looking to get involved with their first jobs. We are the perfect training ground to learn the core skills and traits that you will need to be successful in recruitment. We firmly believe that there are talented people out there who we could help learn and develop in an industry that you may not have previously considered.

As a business we firmly believe that our sector is completely on the up and that now is a great time to join us. We passionately believe in what we do and we love working with our clients. What ever role you fulfill with us, you will be valued, respected and well looked after. You will also have a lot of fun! Call us on 01403 613001 or email