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Match of the Day

Morning all!

The date has been confirmed for our next game of football. Whilst it seems a long way off, we are good to go for 11th February 2022 at Horsham FC. This will give you all plenty of incentive to shift that added timber from the festive period in January.

The game will kick off at 2.30pm at Horsham FC. Horsham has a great set up facilities wise and the bar will be open for all spectators who wish to witness some free flowing football. The last game flowed from the sublime to the ridiculous and many a laugh was had.

The last game was an emphatic 7-1 victory for the Blues against Stuart Perry ‘s pinks so the man is hungry for revenge this time! The trophy will be presented again on the day and there will be player of the match prizes on offer too. We may add a couple of spot prizes too for any funny incidents.

Last time was a rip roaring success so hopefully we can pull of an equally good game and attendance on a cold February afternoon.

Please let us know if you would like to be involved