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The deadly duo!

As most of you will know, I am a bit of a ‘heart on the sleeve’ type of person. Sometimes I may, just may, say too much and go over board with things. This post cannot go overboard enough as it is heaping praise on Chloë Waters Assoc CIPD and Stuart Perry who have been amazing on every level for Synchronicity Insurance . There was a phase on LinkedIn of giving #kudos last year, but giving kudos does not get anywhere near the mark with these two. They are an absolute couple of legends and we are looking forward to expanding our team, our brand and our business together in the coming months. 

Everyone had a rough time last year and, let’s face it, the majority of this year has been pretty tough too. I am never one to announce we are doing well as a business as, being a Newcastle fan, I am always aware that the next disaster or fall from grace is always waiting around the corner. I am, however happy to admit when things do not go well. When covid and lockdown hit last year we found ourselves in a pretty perilous position. I had the worst possible start to the year on a personal level and then found myself working completely on my own for nearly four months. In that four month period we made 6 placements (the worst run I had seen in my 20years recruiting), we lost two longstanding / key clients for reasons unbeknown to us and it looked highly likely that we would not see the end of the year. Unless you have ran your own business, you will not know the stress and fear that this brings to your life. The comment ‘it’s nothing personal’ was used by one of our clients. Possibly the worst choice of words you could ever use to a small business owner.   

So, back to heaping praise on the two best consultants in the recruitment market who have dragged us through this tough time to where we find ourselves today. If you are looking to find good people for your business, or you if you just want some advice on the market in general, there are no two better people to call than Chloe and Stuart. The connections that they have made, the knowledge that they have developed and the passion, tenacity and enthusiasm that they show for their jobs is completely unrivalled by anyone. 

Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glass to the deadly duo Stuart Perry and Chloë Waters Assoc CIPD 🥂

We are on one hell of a journey here at Synchronicity Insurance and are truly grateful to all of you who have made it possible so far. Next year is going to be HUGE!  Watch this space….