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Wolfram Syndrome UK

A couple of days ago, this beauty of a painting arrived at our office. This was painted by Jennifer who we met on a charity golf day to raise awareness about Wolfram Syndrome UK . I missed the chance to bid for any of the paintings on the day but managed to speak with Jennifer’s family after the event to commission a painting for our office. Delighted with this and it will take pride of place in our office very soon!

Wolfram Syndrome is a rare, progressive neurodegenerative condition, which is life shortening. Wolfram Syndrome UK (WSUK) is the only national charity and support group to help fund research and provide support to those affected by the condition as well as their families in the UK. The support group and website were started in 2010 by Paul & Tracy Lynch from Worthing, West Sussex after Jennifer, then aged eight, was diagnosed with WS. The only website associated with WS then was a worldwide site. There was no information available and no real support, as many medical professionals had or still have never heard or come across the syndrome.

WSUK became a registered charity in June 2013. Prior to that they had been raising funds for research via WellChild, the national charity for sick children, and our fundraising group ‘The Charity Roadtrip’.

We will be raising additional funds and awareness for WSUK in our game of football on Feb 11th 2022 so please do come along to Horsham FC and support if you can! Hopefully Jennifer may be able to attend and watch the game too. She is a truly inspirational young lady.