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Employee Benefits

Having had a chat in the office today, we were wondering what do employee benefits look like to you? What do you like, what are you not bothered about and what do you want more of?

Having recruited for the employee benefits market for a number of years now, it is certainly a topic close to our hearts. Gone are the days of just getting a pension and a holiday entitlement.

One of the most frequent questions we used to get asked as recruiters was based around flexible working and was it offered. It now seems that more and more people want to get back into an office for at least a percentage of the week. If only for the free tea and coffee…. ☕

This brings me on nicely to additional benefits that might not be contractual as such but do make your working day that little bit more enjoyable. I spoke with a long standing client today who was proud to reveal that he has the best coffee machine in London! A bold statement indeed, but likely very true one as the person in question knows his coffee! This benefit is of course based on whether you like coffee or not.

I saw today that another company is offering a free Netflix or Disney Plus account as part of the employees package. A bit of a different one but very likely a benefit that the employee will use.

There are other things like gym membership, vouchers, free insurance etc

We are fortunate here that as a small business we can set out own culture and we know what we all like and we all look out for one another. We have the table tennis bats, Street Fighter on the big screen, our standard Friday lunch time gathering, unlimited Hob Nobs (other biscuits are available) and try to have as much fun as possible while working. That said, the bigger the company, the harder it must be to set a benefits scheme that keeps everyone happy.

So, what is important to you and what do you look out for when considering next employer?

  • Pension
  • Flexible working (hours and/or location)
  • Company Car / Allowance
  • Bonus
  • EAP scheme
  • Free fruit in the office
  • Wellness Day

Let us know your thoughts?