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I saw an article earlier today thanking people for their recommendations.  It got me thinking as to how much of our business here at FJN is built on recommendations. 

Every client that we currently work with has at one point or another, been recommended to us.  Whether this is word of mouth over a cuppa, a quick chat over an afternoon beer or a formal introduction over email, all of our clients are recommendations.  Quite a powerful stat in this day and age.  Basically 100% of our work, in one way or another, effectively stems from some form of a referral from a client. 

Whilst our client base (companies) is essential to us, we are nothing without working with the right people.  We collate all of our figures to make sure we know what, when and where we are working successfully.  We need to know what we do well and what we can do better.  Over the course of the last 2 years, 64% of people that we have placed with clients have been introduced to us via recommendations.  I think this stat perfectly captures that managing relationships effectively and knowing your market place, will always result in the best people being referred to you. 

Whilst we of course advertise jobs on our own website, LinkedIn and a couple of other sites on occasions, the core of our continued success is built around people who know and trust us enough to recommend their friends and colleagues to us.  There is no bigger compliment to us than this. 

We can never promise to get 100% of the people recommended to us their next job, but you won’t find a team of recruiters who will try harder.