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The King returns…

At long last, and working within the guidelines provided, yesterday we got to welcome the man, the legend, Stuart Perry, back in to the office! It was a big day for me personally as working on my own in the office for 10 weeks, while a large percentage of the market has been under recruitment freeze, was not written in to my plans for 2020. Recruitment can be a lonely game at the best of times and it is great to have my right hand man back in the game.

Stuart returning to the office rather than working from home is great for us as a business on every level. Whilst we completely embrace remote working, sometimes there is no substitute for the camaraderie that working together in an office for a small company brings. We are people people working in a people industry – I sincerely hope that this always remains the case.

If you would like to get in touch with Stuart about all things recruitment, give him a call on 01403 613001 or email

Next step is to get the wonderful Naomi Thomas back into the game when she has finished with the home schooling. Not long now – hopefully!