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When did speculative become a bad word?

I have always viewed speculative as a positive word in both my business and personal life. To me it represents an attempt to make something happen. To challenge, to test, to think consultatively – to make things happen.

Our ideal as a business is to partner as closely as possible with every client we work with.  We strive to maintain an open dialogue, maintain regular contact and to really understand the type of people that our clients want to hire to take their team to the next level.  That said, we know that everyone has busy lives and does not always have the time to speak so we don’t always know your specific and immediate plans.

With 25 years collective recruitment experience between us we are well qualified to spot an opportunity which could be hugely beneficial to you and your business – even if you are not immediately looking to hire.  In fact, a lot of our most influential hires that have carried the biggest positive impact for our clients could be classed as ‘speculative hires’. 

Our ethos as a business is to listen, consult, act and deliver.  If we see opportunities that could benefit your business, we will let you know.  Some clients look at us for market intelligence, some for M&A opportunities and some for partnership modelling – all of these are key to our development as a business but recruitment will always be at the heart of what we do.  

A ‘speculative hire’ could be the thing that sets you apart from your competition in the market. It could be one of the best business decisions that you make as an employer or hiring manager. If ever there was a year to try things a little differently and, dare I say it, speculate to accumulate, 2020 could be the one!