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It is appraisal season here at Synchronicity Insurance as we near the end of our first 6 months (our financial year runs Feb 1st-Jan 31st). So, how do you appraise and reflect on a 6 month period like that? Why would we want to??? Is it worth it???

I think it is 100% worth it. While we are holding back on assessing a couple of our financial targets for the second half of the year, it is hugely important to appraise people at a time when self doubt and uncertainty is a major factor for all of us. Appraisals for me are more about the emotional elements of work as opposed to the commercials and finances. If ever there was a year when we all need an arm around us or a pat on the back, 2020 is it – an emotional roller coaster if ever there has been one. On a personal level in the last six months as a team we have experienced birth, death, home schooling, emergency repatriation from abroad, hospitals and a plethora of anti bacterial gel! The Synchronicity Insurance crystal ball didn’t predict any of this…

The other key reason that we believe it is important to do appraisals is to maintain an air of getting back to where we want to be. We can’t keep putting things on hold as an industry and saying ‘next week’ or ‘next month’ – ‘next year’ in some cases. The sooner we start doing things that were viewed as ‘normal’ before, the sooner we get back to where we want to be.

It has been a very healthy and enjoyable reflection on positives for us. There have been more successes than we thought and you only get to see these positives if you sit down and truly reflect. You have to take the negatives on the chin, dust yourself down and move forwards.

The second half of our year starts on Monday 3rd August and we are looking forward to giving it everything we have and working with as many of our clients as possible. The next appraisal at the end of January / beginning of February 2021 will be a rip roaring success!