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World Mental Health Day

In an era where there is a ‘day’ for many things, World Mental Health Day (10th October) is something that should be taken seriously by all. #BeKind as a concept was everywhere in February but seemingly took a back seat when people were sweeping pasta and toilet role from the shop shelves in March!

We have all been made to doubt ourselves, fear for our futures and worry about others more than ever this year, so let’s all take time to have a chat, reflect and assess where we are. Basically, talk to each other. My kids have both been made aware of World Mental Health Day and have both asked to think about it by there schools and teachers, which I think is great.

The kids asked for my view (always a dangerous move in our house) and I think it is relatively straight forward. I am very often accused of under complicating things by my wife but I really think that if we are kind, fair, listen to others views and, most importantly, treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves then we are on the right track. Looking out for each other should not be a complicated thing, it should come naturally.

Make sure you look out for each other tomorrow, but don’t just make it for one day, keep it going everyday as you never know what others are going through.