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What a difference a year makes…

Today, 14th October 2020, marks the one year anniversary of our website. As everyone’s favourite Count would say, 1, ah, ah, ahh…..

It took a while to get up and running as were quite fussy about what we wanted and how we wanted things to look, but we got there in the end and remain delighted with the result. We try to keep our site light-hearted but also engaging, user friendly and informative – I think that we have hit all of those points so far, but we are constantly trying to improve our engagement and activity. Any pointers or areas for improvement are always warmly received!

If we were to cast out minds back to 14th October 2019, we as a business had just had a hugely successful and productive first 10 months as a standalone business following our MBO.  New clients had joined us and bought into what we are trying to achieve, and our longstanding clients and partners had continued to use our services when it comes to hiring people, market intelligence and, in many cases, just a friendly chat and catch up.

It is fair to say that this time last year we did not expect to be reflecting on our website’s first anniversary by looking back on a global pandemic and the toughest recession we have seen in years.  All in the timing eh? 

We are far from being able to say that we have had our best year ever – unless you make hand sanitiser, facemasks or work for Amazon, I don’t think anyone can say that this year – but one thing that has definitely improved is our engagement with our clients via our website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  We appreciate the time you have all spent in following what we do and every comment and like is gratefully received. 

I will be the first to admit that the content can always be improved (mainly as I put the newsroom together) but engaging with our clients and candidates is hugely important to us on all levels.  It let you know what we are up to, who is hiring and what is going on in the market in general.

Let’s hope that this time next year, when we do our 2nd year anniversary update, that terms like ‘bubble’ just means something in the bath, ‘social distancing’ is just avoiding standing too close to that person talking loudly on their mobile on the train back from London and that face masks are back to just being something that our kids wear at Halloween. It would be great to say good riddance to ‘unprecedented’ too!

Thanks for sticking with us and following our activity on varying platforms. We love you all!