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Recruitment : People industry, driven by people

We view recruitment as a people driven industry.  In many ways, it is the most people driven industry there is.  It is personal and emotive as ultimately it is about people’s careers and, particularly this year, livelihoods.    

As per every industry in modern times, recruitment has become more system driven and transactional in many ways.  Whilst this is a good thing in so many ways, and can support and drive recruitment processes very effectively, we must never forget that people are at the core of everything we do. 

I have thought about writing an update about this topic for a while and have only been prompted to do so by my wife who received an ‘instant job match’ notification last night from a well-known recruitment brand.  Juliet has over 20 years experience of working within project management and account management.  She is a SC21 qualified supply chain specialist.  Basically, the brains and the beauty of our family.  

The job that she was sent last night was based on Juliet’s previous job applications with the site and other roles that she had viewed.  What could it be we wondered?  Could it be the dream role???  

The ‘instant job match’ for Juliet’s skill set is a ‘Trade Counter Specialist’.  Undoubtedly a good job for the right person, but as that person needs to have previous experience of driving forklifts, able to demonstrate a strong working knowledge of general building, hardware and timber products  and be able to manually lift and carry heavy loads as required, Juliet has made the call to not pursue this opportunity as it does not appear the instant match she thought it may be.  Joking aside the location for this job and the salary bracket fit Juliet’s requirements but aside from that, there is nothing suitable at all for her with the role. 

The point behind this is that Synchronicity Insurance will always only introduce people to a business that either fit the brief provided by the client or we feel will be able to improve the business in one way or another.  Under no circumstances will an individual’s personal profile be sent to a client without their knowledge and consent.  Sometimes we cannot fulfil a brief exactly to the letter, in which case we will find the best possible solution.  At all times we will always brief the individual concerned in as much detail as possible about the company and the role.  With a collective 27 years experience between the three of us, we are well qualified to ask the right questions at the right times. 

Algorithms, recruitment platforms and data analytics have a key place in our industry, but let’s not lose the human element.  After all, we are a people industry driven by people.