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Back to basics…

So the kids are now back to school and us grown ups are back fully into the swing of work. It’s all go, go, go!

Little thought for the start of the week. Remember all of the #bekind activity in February 2020, just before covid shook the world up somewhat? It seems a distant memory now but hopefully the sentiment is still there? Let’s not forget the bare basics of speaking to others as you wish to be spoken to and treating others as you wish to be treated. Bit old fashioned I suppose but it’s not that difficult? Hopefully it wasn’t just exclusive to February 2020.

Having spoken to a few good clients and actually got to go out and meet people three times last week (first time I have been able to say that for ages!) it feels great to be back doing the part of our job that I love the most. It is great to be back sitting down and talking with people, finding out what their plans are both personally and professionally and helping people out – it’s what we do best!

We have lots of exciting plans coming up for our little piece of paradise here at Synchronicity Insurance so keep an eye on what we are up to. Exciting times ahead!