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Health and Protection Awards

I know we have posted lots about the Health & Protection awards recently, but this picture was sent to me yesterday and it is really pleasing to see little old us nestling in and amongst some of the major players in our market. We are proud to call these companies our clients, and friends in many cases, and we love working with all of them.

Running a small independent business involves a huge amount of blood, sweat and tears (well may be not blood, but you get the point). The highs are high and the lows are low is how I explained it to a client the other day. It’s great to see our brand in with such great businesses.

Whilst there are no awards for us to be nominated for this year (may be next year 😉) we are very proud to be sponsoring the D & I Award for this year’s evening. It is a topic close to our heart and I am sure we all agree that some great steps have been made.

See you there!

* excuse my crude editing skills. IT is still not my strong point and the kids, aka my IT department, have both gone to school *

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