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The topic of Teams / Zoom call backgrounds came up on a call with a client earlier today. Do you use a generated one of your company logo, city skyline, beach etc etc or do you keep it real? Either way works for me but the ‘real’ ones do give a bit of an insight as to what you like and what you are all about.

So, as many of you will know, these are mine.

Left to right it goes signed Paul Gascoigne shirt saying ‘To Fin, Love Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne’

The picture below Gazza is from when Neve was 3 years old and she drew me a picture with the message ‘I missed you THIS much today’ (we still don’t know what the picture is to this day and Neve will not be impressed that I have put it on social media!)

The middle picture is an album cover of ‘No Love Lost’ by the Rifles and is signed by all of the band. It reads ‘To Neve, love The Rifles’.

The one on the right is a cricket shirt signed by Jofra Archer. The pictures in the frame are of Jofra signing the shirt whilst Fin was wearing it.

All in all, a good reflection of things that mean a lot to me.

What do you have behind you for your calls???

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