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7 years

7 years ago today, the man, the legend, Stuart Perry strolled into the world of insurance recruitment. What a 7 years the man has had!

From a professional point of view, he has helped 100s of candidates secure new roles in the insurance sector. He has become the ‘go to’ consultant for numerous clients across the industry and, in my unbiased opinion, he is unequivocally the best at what he does in the Health and EB space.

From a personal point of view, Stu has been an amazing bloke to work with. He has seen me through two office moves, one company rebranding, 4 charity football events (won’t mention the scores…), that little thing called Covid, good times, bad times and numerous funny stories (the hidden car is still a mystery and the severed head in the fridge trick will live long in the memory…).

The man, the legend….. Stuart Perry 🍻🍻🍾🍾

(Note – if Stu has a 7 year itch and resigns today, I will retract this post and pretend it never happened….)