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Introducing, Stu Perry…

I think we are now at the point where we class lots of you as friends as opposed to ‘clients’. With this in mind, how well do you know the team here??? We have drawn up a few facts for each of us working here so you know a little bit more about the team when you speak to us next.

Only one place to start with this. Ladies and gentlemen, the man, the legend Stuart Perry….

Name : Stu
Date joined team : 30.08.2016
Star sign : Virgo
Favourite holiday destination – been to / want to go to : Mexico/Jamaica
Favourite band/singer : Too many….Oasis!
Football team : Man Utd
Fun fact : I had hair when I started here.
Favourite film : Casino
Favourite TV show : Succession
Top 4 dinner guests : Ricky Gervais, Tom Hanks, Mike Tyson, Margot Robbie
Early bird / Night owl : Early bird
Favourite cuisine : Mexican
Favourite drink : Work Ethic (by Firebird brewery)
Perfect Saturday! : On daddy duties: Beach, park and generally wearing out a 3 year old – Off daddy duties: Gym session and in the pub garden for midday!
Favourite past time / hobby : Gym
Cats or dogs? : Dogs
Pet peeve / things that get on your nerves : Cyclists
Favourite quote : ‘Success is 1% inspiration, 98% perspiration, and 2% attention to detail’ Phil Dunphy
Your screen saver on phone pic : see below
Finally, a picture of yourself that makes you feel happy! : see below again

Any thoughts on these? Did you know Stu as well as you thought you did???

Next week will be Kai, Amy or Amelia’s turn….