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Introducing, Amelia Westbrook…

Last week, we started sharing player profiles for our lovely team here at FJN Solutions

This week it is the turn of the wondefully talented, and recruiter to the stars, Amelia Westbrook Cert CII! Read on to find out more…….

Name: Mills
Date joined team: Nov 2022
Star sign: Leo
Favourite holiday destination – been to / want to go to: Loved Thailand and Vegas. Definitely need to tick Australia and Ibiza off my bucket list
Favourite band/singer: Depends on my mood, right now its Sonny Fodera
Football team: I don’t support a team… so Dan has adopted me as a Newcastle fan but I’ll be easily swayed for a pint or two 😉
Fun fact: I lived in France for over a year and went to school there
Favourite film: Not a huge film fan, but probably an old classic like My Fair Lady or Calamity Jane
Favourite TV show: Friends
Top 4 dinner guests: George Michael, Tom hardy, Ryan Gosling, Danny Dyer
Early bird / Night owl: Night owl
Favourite cuisine: Can I say all of them?? No? Then probably Spanish Tapas
Favourite drink: Long Island Iced Tea or just a decent voddy coke
Perfect Saturday!: Some retail therapy, pub garden, plenty of sunshine and partying till the early hours
Favourite past time / hobby: Cliché but probably socialising i.e. chewing someones ear off, sunbathing at the beach and bobbing along in the sea
Cats or dogs?: DOGS!
Pet peeve / things that get on your nerves: Slow/bad drivers and rude people
Favourite Quote: “And though she be but little, she is fierce” Shakespeare
Your screen saver on phone pic: A photo of my Grandparents, see below
A picture of yourself: See below

Any thoughts on these??? Did you know Amelia as well as you thought you did??? Great to see she is a Newcastle fan…. ⚫⚪⚫⚪

Next up will be Kai or Amy…..